Scissors Are Obsolete

How many apps, web sites, and other solutions have you seen - all promising to help you save money? How many have been easy and actually useful?  

Do you get excited when you get those coupons in the mail or in the Sunday paper and have all the intentions of using them, but the thought of clipping is too time consuming?  Or better yet, you did take the time to clip them but realize you left them at home when you get to the the grocery store?   Okay, so you did clip them and you remembered to bring them to the store; however, you look at the date--low and behold, they have expired!  Those are the problems I encountered before this idea came across my desk from my then coworker and now partner.  I needed a solution and this is it!  NO MORE CLIPPING!  Now you can take a picture of that coupon and load it into your smartphone, and it will definitely change the way you save!!!

Even if you do not use a smartphone--that's quite alright.  MoiZoi has an alternative, the MoiZoi card.  Just take your stack of coupons down to your local market, scan it into the kiosk, and load it into your account.  Oh, you're in your bathrobe and it's pouring down rain.  No worries...just scan them on your home scanner and load them into your account on your home computer. 

No matter what process you use, MoiZoi will change the way you save!