MoiZoi, Inc. is a best mobile resource for changing the way consumers save. Through MoiZoi's patent-pending process, consumers will be able to capture all their coupons into one place, manage them effortlessly, and get notification when the coupon is expiring — all on their mobile phone. Manufacturers will also gain an extra venue of advertisement by going straight to the consumer via the MoiZoi platform.

With the MoiZoi card and kiosk, we will have the additional opportunity to reach not only mobile users, but all coupon users. 

According to NCH Marketing, in 2013 there were 315 billion coupons distributed and only 2.8 utilized — less than 1%. MoiZoi's objective is to close the gap between coupon-using consumers and coupon-creating businesses in a way that benefits both — and which ultimately increases the usage of coupons:

  • For consumers, the app can be downloaded for free, and streamlines the entire process of identifying and tracking coupons of interest.
  • For advertisers, the app increases marketing opportunities, by bringing them directly into the pocket and purse of the consumer.
  • For retailers, the processing of coupons will become simplified and more efficient.

To summarize, we at MoiZoi want to make life easier for customers by saving them money, ultimately increasing the utilization of coupons, while assisting in their exposure to new products and services. We believe this can give consumers the opportunity and ability to spend less and enjoy life more.

The financial gain in the coupon industry is endless and untapped. All the research suggests that this industry is ever-increasing, with no slowing in sight. The addition of the MoiZoi app, as well as the MoiZoi card/kiosk, will facilitate this increase and give claim to a whole new market opportunity — with endless possibilities. In short, we make coupons work better for everyone.